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South Dakotans Say No, but Lawmakers Just Don't Hear.

Despite the fact that South Dakota voters have said no to factory farms and giant industrial farms several times, the lobbyists and special interests have no intention of backing down. They're planning on ramming large factory farms down our throat whether we like it or not. They keep crafting new ways to get around our wishes. Bizarrely, many legislators and government officials are siding against the people.

Shenanigans in Deuel County -- March 24, 2005

Citizens WIn in Deuel County, July 18, 2005

summary of Clear Lake workshop -- June 27, 2005


A Brief History of the Attempt to Take Away Our Vote


This Year's Battle -- Huge Dairy Factory Farms

"It's Deja Vu all over again." -- baseball legend Yogi Berra

Recently, the state of South Dakota through the Department of Agriculture, the Governor's Office of Economic Development, and other agencies, have funded aggressive recruiting campaigns in Europe and Canada to encourage large industrial-scale dairy operations to relocate to South Dakota. A specifically targeted area is the so-called "I-29 Corridor in South Dakota"along interstate 29.

These huge 1,400 - 2,500 head operations threaten our quality of life, our health, the ground water, the air and the safety of our foods. They also stink. But guess what? Factory farms, state and local officials don't want to allow people to vote.

Dairy Issues Should Be Voted On

Brookings County

Three giant dairy factory farms have set their sights on Brookings County. To learn more, click here.

Moody County

Citizens collected signatures to bring two giant dairy farms to a vote. Factory farms sued to prevent a vote. Local Judge David Gienapp ruled August 2 citizens can't vote. That decision is being appealed to the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Got water? an outstanding editorial

Are Your Confused? Can Citizens Vote on Feedlots?


Much of what passes for economic development consists of little more than putting up the "Come on Down and Plunder" sign. It's a failure of imagination.

What's Your Vision of South Dakota?


Summarizing the Research on CAFO's

You don’t have time to read everything. Here’s a quick tour. (for more info)

They're Gambling with Our Lives to Make a Fast Profit. Do You Want to Take the Risk?

to Your Health , Air Quality, Ground Water, Cancer Risks

Research on Health Problems and Economic Issues


Factory Farms -- Large Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO'S)
700 dairy cows, 1,000 cattle or 2,500 swine (according to EPA)

Understanding the Costs of CAFO's -- It Doesn't Add Up



What You Can Do
Join the I-29ers for Quality of Life


Giant Factory Farms Represent a Big Change in Policy.

South Dakota Supreme Court said we have a right to vote.

Vitek v. Bon Homme County
August 14, 2002

Kirschenman v. Hutchinson County
January 8, 2003


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Editor, Stop Corporate Farms


from Winter 2004 battles:

SB 163 opened the door to big industrial farms and nails it wide open.

What It Does

Don't Be Fooled by the Language

What People Are Saying

Another Vision

When you first read the bill, it all sounds innocent enough. (amendments proposed in House)

But read the analysis above and discover what it really holds in store for you. (Comment on Amendments)


We Already Have Zoning Laws

After passing the Senate 21-13,


House State Affairs Committee 10-3

Saturday, February 21, 2004


from 2003 - 2004 battle

Legislature then repealed HB 1281 so there won't be a vote.

What the Fight on HB 1281 Was All About and Why It Still Matters

READ Sample Letters to the Editor -- We Shouldn't Have to Go through This Again!

The 2004 South Dakota Legislature's New Tricks to Keep You from Voting

Attacking Local Control Three Years Running


The Stop Corporate Farms listserv is an e-mail discussion group for people committed to preventing large factory farms from coming into South Dakota. Much of what passes for economic development these days consists of little more than putting up the "Come On Down and Plunder" sign. It’s a failure of imagination.

Voters in South Dakota have repeatedly voted against factory farms. But the special interests won't take no for an answer. Not to be inconvenienced by a mere thing like the will of the voters, they use their stable of lawyers, lobbyists and public relations firms to invent new ways to get around democracy. On this listserv we will discuss their dirty tricks, what we can do about them and viable ways to improve our state's economy without risking our air, water or our quality of life.

Many of our elected officials believe there are only two ways to look at the issue of corporate agriculture. Either you're a modern forward thinking pro-corporate agriculture cheerleader or you're a romantic stuck in the past without a clue about the future.

We can see a third path. We can ask what kinds of social resources would be helpful to individuals in their struggles. Government should be for the people not for special interests.

What does it make sense to do together? Quality of life is not a romantic, outmoded idea. We should respect local people and allow them to use their judgment. We must ask them what they need to improve their economy, community and lives. We can empower people to live their dreams.

Join this listserv and let's start exploring the options.


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They Refuse to Take No for an Answer

Know Your Opposition

Becoming Streetwise in a Democarcy


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Editor, Stop Corporate Farms


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Initiative for Moratorium on more Large Feedlots


I-29ers for Quality of Life -- Whistle Stop Tour of I-29 Dairy Corridor


Are Factory Farms Good Business?
Get the Rest of the Story

January 6, 2005 -- Sioux Falls